All I Need Is A "C"

All I Need Is A "C"

All I Need Is A “C”


Going Through The Motions


On too many occasions some of you take your education for granted. You rely too heavily on your talent and think you don’t have to take your work seriously. Having an attitude that’s satisfied with doing just enough to get by can come back to hunt you. That same attitude can be the same reason you aren’t eligible to play the second half of the season. This could be same reason why you have to do extra study hall hours instead of putting in extra work in the gym.


Just Listen


You control more than you think you do. It’s important to know the value of your time at this very moment. The reason for this is you can easily set yourself up for success for the future. When I say “easily” don’t think it means you won’t have any challenges along the way. What I am telling you is that academics should not be a concern if you take it seriously. I’ve never had a teacher that didn’t give me help when I’ve asked for it. Let me give you some advice on what to do when you need help with your academics. Reach out to your teachers, tutors, advisors, and counselors. Get on their nerves until you get the help you need.




Showing consistency shows others that you are serious. There are no excuses. If you really want to get things done it’s up to you to make it happen. Taking care of business comes first and making sure you have your priorities in order is most important to get where you want to go.