Jump Higher. Become Faster. Move Quicker.

Jump Higher. Become Faster. Move Quicker.


Warm-ups (10 reps, 1-2 rounds if needed)


1) Lunge with a Twist

As the name implies, this is a combination of two different moves: a forward lunge and a horizontal twist. The forward lunge helps stretch the hip flexors and activates the legs, glutes, and hips, while the twist stretches out the upper and middle back and activates core rotation. As you do the lunge, step forward, then drop your hips. You shouldn't try to lunge too far forward so your front knee extends far beyond your toes. After you have lunged, slowly twist toward the side you are lunging for a more intense hip flexor stretch.


2) Knee to Chest

 This exercise mimics the top of a running stride as you bring your knee toward your chest before striking the foot toward the ground. You can alternate each leg while stationary or do it while walking forward. Focus on bringing the kneecap into the chest by hugging your shin while stepping onto your toes with your opposite foot, which will give you more leverage.


3) High Kicks 

High kicks help warm-up the hamstrings and improve range of motion. You can do them while alternating as you walk, or how I prefer, stationary while focusing on one side at a time. If starting with your right leg, extend your left arm straight out. Kick your leg up while keeping your leg and hand straight so that your toes hit your palm. Try to progressively kick higher, but complete this exercise while staying under control.


4) Hip Stretch With A Twist

This is an exceptional stretch, especially for working professionals who sit a lot during the day. It helps open up the hips and groin while stretching the core, upper, and middle back. Start in the push up position and bring your right foot up to your right hand while keeping your hips down and lower back flat. Take your left hand, twist to your left while extending your arm and reaching toward the sky. Come back to the starting pushup position and repeat on the other side. A possible substitution for this exercise would be a side lunge to help work on your lateral movement.


Workout Plan (2-3 rounds)


Jump Rope (3-5 minutes)


Squat Jumps (12 reps)


 Frog Jumps (8 reps)


 Box Jumps (Low Box)

Two Feet Quick/Explosive Jumps (12 reps)

One Leg Jumps (12 reps, 6 each leg) 

One Leg Side Jumps (12 reps, 6 each leg)

Quick Foot Exchange (30-45 seconds)  

Cool Down 

Hydrate- Drink plenty of water and put electrolytes back in your body to prevent cramping and dehydration.

Stretch- After you are done with workout, traditional stretching is good to relax your muscles and prevent potential cramping.

Foam Roller- This is one of the best ways to recover from your workouts. Roll out those tight muscles and knots that you develop from training. Use the foam roller at your own discretion and target muscles that you feel need the most attention.

Tennis Ball- Roll a tennis ball (or any small solid ball) on the bottom of your foot up to 1-3 minutes. This is good for preventing foot/ankle injuries and improved circulation.


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