My Coach Hates Me

My Coach Hates Me

My Coach Hates Me


My junior year of high school I had a lot of goals and high expectations due to a successful summer I had with our team in multiple summer leagues. The head coach was very happy with the progress I made and due to this rewarded me with a larger role amongst the team. We had talks of what I could accomplish in the soon to come season in the beginning of the school year. I was excited because I felt like I was getting the recognition that I deserved.


Danger Zone


Have you ever worked so hard at something and you started to see results? Well it’s even more important that you keep working hard and not get too comfortable. I thought I did enough. Enough is never good enough (so catchy). I forgot how much work I put in to get where I was and it showed in my game. Inconsistency should have been on the back of my jersey. At times you would think I was real good and other times wonder why I was a starter. At times we experience a little success and forget how we got there. Don’t get wrapped up in how much better you’ve become. You have a long way to go.


Stop Talking To Me


Every film session and practice, I felt I had a target on my back. My coach grilled me and talked to me more than any other player. Everything was always my fault. I was always being called out in public and private. I never took the time to think: “Maybe coach really wants to see me be the best I can be and grow as a student of the game.” Instead, I took it very personal. This made me walk into practice with a attitude and ready to be defensive to any constructive criticism that I would receive. This was a speed hump that hindered me from gaining any momentum. If your attitude is poor it will eventually catch up with you.


The Approach


Close to the end of the season a couple of key players on the team quit. During this time I had to pick up my level of play. It actually forced me to. It was the beginning of me turning the corner of being the leader of the team. One of the reasons I had a great year my senior season. With all of the issues happening at the end of the year I still had a bitter taste in my mouth. While he was working I walked in the office and asked my coach, “Why do you hate me?”


To be continued…


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