My Coach Hates Me (Part 2)

My Coach Hates Me (Part 2)

My Coach Hates Me (Part 2)


The Response


Coach: “Why on God’s green earth would I hate you son?”


Me: “You always on my back about everything. You talk and snap on me the most like I don’t do anything right.”


Coach: “And that’s why you think I hate you? If I didn’t care I wouldn’t talk to you. The only time you should worry is when I stop talking to you.”


Me: “It just feels that way at times and it gets frustrating.”


Coach: “Well, did you quit?”


Me: “Of course not! I love basketball. I’m not going to let nobody make me quit.”


Coach: “This is something I know about you. It’s my job to help you develop past this level. Things will get tougher as you reach higher levels. Mental toughness is what you will need to get through and succeed.”


Common Ground


At this point I realized just how much my coach cared about me, and what he really expected from me. It makes more sense to me now. At times I am really hard on the players I train. This is only because I want them to surpass their potential and be better than I was at an early age. My coach and I had a better understanding of each other. This helped build our relationship. What if I never had a talk with him? What if I just kept everything that was on my mind to myself?


Address It


Whatever it is that you have on your mind, talk about it with your coach. Do it respectfully of course. Have an open mind and be willing to listen to gain understanding. Don’t go in with the mindset of only hearing what you want to hear, and how you want to hear it. You might like what the coach has to say to you, or you might not. The only thing you can control is how you respond to it. Is your goal to figure things out to grow and work towards making progress? Or do you only care about what you want and how you feel things should be that you have no control over?




What you do from this point will either make you a better player with a reconstructed mindset, or the same player you were before.


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